Ntention Celebrates 3 Years

A little while ago (August 16, 2019), Ntention (formerly Arveng Technologies) celebrated that the company has been around for 3 years!


As entrepreneurs, it is fun to be able to tell about everything that happens in your own company, and especially it is fun that things are going well and that the company is alive. A little while ago (August 16, 2019), Ntention (formerly Arveng Technologies) celebrated that the company has been around for 3 years!

Last week (Monday) a nice article was published in Shifter [Article], who described a bit of the journey.

We would like to follow up the article with this; As anyone who is considering the potential of a startup company knows, the team is extremely important to success. In fact, “Team” is a total of 3 out of 6 rating criteria when Tech Stars evaluate startup companies for their accelerator program! For Ntention, this is no exception.

After founder Magnus Arveng started the company with his mother and brother in 2016, and named it Arveng Technologies, he soon found out that this was a job that could not be done alone. That same fall, he met fellow student Moina (Yon) Tamuly, who immediately ignited the idea! As a visionary, Tamuly understood that there really was a potential here, and that he had now met someone who dared to think big. Together, in January 2017, Moina and Magnus began recruiting people to realize the dream, and not long after, 10 people were involved in the project.

Over the next two years, we were to try and fail, and we gained both knowledge and expertise, which means that we are today at the world top of the technical part of what we are doing. Reading and utilization of sensor data, control systems for machines and intuitive interaction systems are in the portfolio of what the company now provides. We have also gone from being a B2C company focused on consumer electronics, to a B2B SaaS business model where intelligent software is the product itself, and hardware is part of the package solution.

This journey has not only been easy. Despite a breakup with one of the founders, he pulled through the mud and put all his focus on getting the company up and running. It came along well during a tough period where the road ahead was uncertain, and there have been several times where it has seemed like there were no alternatives other than giving up. With a little healthy madness we have refused to give up anyway. “Had Moina not had such strong faith in the vision, and made some harsh decisions for an uncertain period, there may not have been any Ntention today. He rose around the globe and opened up new opportunities, as well as recruited new partners. Together with the rest of the team that participated in the Energy: Connected conference, they also secured what might be a historic project for the company. A

project that has required working hours across many time zones throughout the spring and summer. You can look forward to hearing more this fall, ”says co-founder Magnus Arveng.

Titles have never meant anything to us in Ntention. For our part, titles have just been a fun thing on the business card, but in practice Magnus and Moina have been equal co-founders since March 2017, just months after the company was founded. The company’s unique appearance can often be traced back to the boundary line between two very different people, and for us it is important that the outside world get the real story about us. In doing so, the company is once again taking an unconventional approach and taking the opportunity to announce that Moina and Magnus will both share the status of Co-founders and Co-CEO’s going forward.

Speaking of giving a real picture to the outside world; we think it is important to honor the important players who help to create the whole. That’s what the team at Ntention is doing today – sitting on that expertise and doing a lot of the work to get us up and running. It is very common for the story to be written around individuals, but the reality is rarely so. We have engineering students with world-class technical expertise who develop the technical solutions, as well as people working on business development, marketing, strategy, design and no; research.

The company has also promoted the top member of the team, Haakon Fuhre Pettersen, to CTO. Haakon is studying industrial economics and technology management on the site. “During the summer we have tested Haakon’s technical expertise, and we are sure that he will do an excellent job as CTO in the years to come!” Says both Moina and Magnus. Together we continue into an incredibly exciting period where we look forward to sharing the journey with the outside world and the ecosystem! We look forward to telling you more about each member of the team in the time to come.