Head of Research

Frank Øygard

Frank has been a part of the team since the early beginning. He is one of the original visionaries shaping the path of our company. Frank was a unique child. He started speaking fluently at 7 months old and surprised his parents by reading at 4. But that’s not all, Franks’ life experience is exciting and unique. He is a blacksmith, a nutritionist and a truly warm person understanding the depths of human nature – which plays hand in hand with our company vision.   

Frank is also a bio-hacker. Nobody would believe his age but let me say this; Frank’s strength increases year by year even ten years after statistical decline should have started. He has voiced that he does not intend to die, and – I have big hopes that Frank will help the whole team stay young and healthy when we start growing old so we can be sure to see our bold vision come to life.” – Moina, Co-CEO & Co-Founder