Hardware / Software Engineer

Gulleik Olsen

He may not look like it but Gulleik is a capable calisthenics guy. Which has metaphorical value as well; he carries his own weight and some. He’s studying cybernetics and robotics and works with virtual reality. 

But Gulleik has just as much skill and potential as a businessman. He has been working since he was 14, having been the national leader for the Norwegian entrepreneurship organization START and work as a sanitary certification officer on ships in the Arctic. He grew up in the world’s northernmost city, Hammerfest, and as we Norwegians know “nordlendingene” brings a lot of fun, warmth and politically incorrect conversations to the table.  Gulleik started driving at the age of 12 and started a political party to write himself valid notes for skipping class in high school. Just the kind of pragmatism needed to succeed. ” – Moina, Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Formal expertise


Field of expertise

Technologies / Skills

C/C++/C#, Python, Unity, Unreal Engine

National leader of the entrepreneurial organization START in 2019.