Haakon Fuhre Pettersen
Chief technology officer

Haakon Fuhre Pettersen

“Despite his sweet, good-looking appearance and love of Mountain Dew, Haakon is a high-ranking black belt and former World Champion in the ‘Chuck Norris System’ karate style 

Though Haakon is a world-class fighter we love him for his insane brains. Haakon is a true genius, and a real perfectionist. He started working with Satellite technology in secondary school and we’ve seen him learn new coding languages in days, only fueled by Mountain Dew. That is why Haakon is our CTO. He also studies Industrial Economics and Technology Management – but what he studies is not relevant because nobody can be like Haakon anyway. His strategical mind is also impeccable.” – Moina, Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Formal expertise


Main specialization within Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and engineering background within Energy and Environmental Engineering with specialization Heat and Energy Processes.