Astronaut Smart Glove presented at NASA EVA Workshop

EVA workshop

The 2020 EVA Workshop were held in Houston (United States) with NASA welcoming participants across industry and academia. The workshop discussed the current state of the agency and how EVA (Extravehicular Activity) fits in the agency’s plans for exploration. Discussion on technical aspects of the Artemis Program  As a result of last year’s NASA Haughton-Mars […]

Slush 2019


Slush 2019 It’s great to be back at Slush in Helsinki and around inspiring startups and companies with high dreams and exciting visions.  A couple of days ago we participated at the yearly startup conference Slush. Slush is a student-driven, non-profit movement originally founded to change attitudes toward entrepreneurship. What started as a gathering of […]

Norwegian Live Television (TV2)

Interview image

Norwegian Live Television Afterwards the press release by SETI Institute we were invited to one of Norway’s largest TV channels; TV2. In the time after we were luckily invited to one of Norway’s largest TV channels; TV2. Two members of our team, Magnus and Moina, our Co-CEOs, talked about the story behind the NASA Haughton-Mars […]

We’re hosting CEC19

We’re Hosting CEC19 An evening packed with exciting speakers, subjects and Norway’s most inspiring startups and scaleups competing for an opportunity to explore the Chinese market! We have for a long time been truly grateful for the help and support from our connections. A network that has resulted in opportunities to pitch at SLUSH in […]

We’re attending Startup Extreme

We are attending Startup Extreme 2019! Great fun to participate at Startup Extreme 2019! Meeting exciting people with inspiring ideas at events like this give us a boost to keep pushing at our on-going adventure. For the third consecutive year, we attended the Startup Extreme festival, now dubbed SX. This year they had expanded greatly, […]