Newsletter - Early Summer 2019

We hope you’ve been enjoying the summer! We would like to update you about our progress and activity the latest couple of months. Therefore we’ll take you through it in a short (~3 min read, bullet points) and a long (~10min read) version.

Main Story

The last couple of months have involved preparation of summer projects and exam reading for our team. We made time schedules and equipment orders to make sure our summer projects would get a flying start. The opportunity of working in our field of interest for highly recognized companies like Norconsult and Nordic Semiconductor make us humble and grateful.

In addition to working on implementation of our technology into the VR environment, we have attended to several networking events to showcasing our company. Highlights including meeting with the Crown Prince of Norway and pitching at Startup Extreme.

3 highlights of the last couple of months

  • New website
  • Summer internships at Norconsult and Nordic Semiconductor
  • Attended to and pitched at Startup Extreme

Progress of our last months' priority goals

  • Complete project accounts for “Skattefunn” projects and Innovation Norway [COMPLETED]
  • Prepare summer projects of VR implementation [COMPLETED]
  • Redesign and go live with our new website [COMPLETED]

3 priority goals for the next couple of months

  • Implement our technology into a VR environment
  • Name change and rebranding of company identity
  • Super cool space stuff (Shhh!)

Long list of content

  • Summer internships
  • Completition of project accounts for Skattefunn and Innovation Norway
  • TCS Innovation Forum: documarketing material from Tata Consulting Services
  • Opening of DIGS: meeting with Crown Prince Haakon
  • New website
  • Startup Extreme

Summer internships

For the summer months we luckily got the opportunity to work at Norconsult and Nordic Semiconductor. Two huge companies in Norway with great interest in innovation and new technology. We think this would not only help us further with our technology, but boost our networking within our fields of interest aswell.

We have 3 summer internships at Norconsult, where we work with implementation of our glove technology into a VR environment. Use cases of our summer project will primarly be used for 3d modeling and construction inspections. At Nordic Semiconductor we got 2 summer internships, which gives us a huge advantage in electronic components and technology. We would like to thank both Norconsult and Nordic Semiconductor for the opportunity.

Norconsult VR

Completion of project accounts for Skattefunn and Innovation Norway

As described as a priority in the prior newsletter, we have now completed our Skattefunn project account for 2018, and delivered our final report to Innovation Norway regarding our commercialization grant. For those of you who might want to read what we did during the project, feel free to contact us, and we’ll send the report!

Crown Prince of Norway

Opening of DIGS: Meeting with the Crown Prince of Norway

DIGS was the first coworking space in Trondheim and have experienced huge expanding the latest years. The result of the huge expanding, were revealed this year. A complete new building with a great number of offices in different sizes, event venues and lounges. We attended to the grand opening in May, where we managed to meet Crown Prince Haakon of Norway. Feedback from Crown Prince Haakon on the testing and showcasing of our technology gave us a motivation boost!

New website

After a period of redesigning and developing we have finally published our new website. The purpose of the redesign is to suit our new strategy direction better. Our new website gives us advantage in showcasing several use cases of our technology and convey our vision. Please check out our new website and share it to your network:

Startup Extreme

Startup Extreme

For the third consecutive year, we attended the Startup Extreme festival, now dubbed SX. This year they had expanded greatly, and more than 600 people from the startup community, including both startups, scaleups, investors, and media visited Voss. They also coincided the timing with “Ekstremsportveko”, moving venues to be able to house all the attendees.

We had the pleasant surprise of getting to live in “Podtown”, a trailer park motel concept with spaced up interior. This was sponsored by Innovation Norway, as we were selected to pitch as one of 12 up and coming startups to be showcased. We also announced our coming name change to the world, and we are aligning our name with our vision, becoming: Ntention.

BONUS; We were invited to Sopra Steria’s Kayak Pitching contest, and Moina blew everyone out of the water and won!

Ntention news

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Vegard J. Løwe