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We are hosting CEC19

An evening packed with exciting speakers, subjects and Norway’s most inspiring startups and scaleups competing for an opportunity to explore the Chinese market!

An invaluable network

We have for a long time been truly grateful for the help and support from our connections. A network that has resulted in opportunities to pitch at SLUSH in Helsinki, COMB+ in Beijing and CES in Las Vegas. To give something back to our connections and the innovative community in Norway, together with Maritime Innovation Development we founded the China Entry Challenge.

Expansion and growth in unfamiliar and new markets can be dangerous for companies, especially startups. Without knowledge about the market audience, culture, and laws it can be hard to run a business. For startups with often low equity, an expansion into a new market can be the door closing action. China Entry Challenge gives the attendees an insight into the Chinese market and culture, to make the expansion into China easier.

Largest consumer market in the world

For new companies, China is an obvious expansion destination to consider of several reasons. First of all, the Chinese market is about to be the largest consumer market in the world. In addition, you find the world’s highest frequency of production bases in China. This high volume of both consumers and production opportunities makes China an appealing destination. To match the production and sales in the same market is ideal for small companies.

Join an unique conference

To combine a conference with a focus on Chinese business and expansion with an exciting pitching competition, make up a completely unique concept in Norway. Attending startups receive valuable knowledge and an opportunity to compete for great prizes.

As a contester in our pitching competition at China Entry Challenge 2019, your business has an opportunity to showcase your business case in front of an audience of investors and engaging people. With investors from a wide range of interest fields, every startup has potential future funds in the audience. One pitch that can be a turning point for your startup! To manage a successful startup it’s a lot of work to get visibility and drive traffic to your services. With a pitch at China Entry Challenge, you will obtain huge traffic from 150+ engaging spectators and academic students.

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