Interaction with machines is constantly changing. Automation is increasing, but the number of machines we interact with is also increasing. These conditions require new and easier ways of interacting with machines to allow more people to control a greater number of machines with less effort and training. That’s why we are ushering in a new paradigm in control systems.

Intention Capture

With more automation, specialized human operators become superfluous. Without specialized operators there is an increasing necessity for anyone involved in a work process to be able to easily interact with and move objects in a VR environment or to show an industrial machine what to do. In order to let anyone control any machine we need to make the interaction easy and intuitive.

We are building a system of interaction between the people and the machines that is user centered – not machine centered. The machine will understand the user – not the other way around. Our goal is to understand the intent of the user and translate it to machines. This is how we are moving beyond motion capture and into the world of intention capture.

Our projects so far

We want to redefine the experience of Human-Machine Interaction, and make controlling machines easy, intuitive and natural. We aim to create a tool that enables the user to effortlessly be in control over the machines they want to interact with.

Drone Glove

The Drone Glove is a sensor-based glove that enables the user to control a flying drone with natural and intuitive hand gestures.


Industrial Machines

By using natural human motion you can control heavy industrial machines without use any effort or be nearby dangerous areas


Music Glove

The Music Glove uses the Pro-Glove to control music applications. It allows the user to intuitively change any musical parameter with hand gestures.

Do you have any potential projects or visions similar to ours? Don't hesitate to get in touch!