Control heavy machines with intuitive motion

By using natural human motion you can control heavy industrial machines without use any effort or be nearby dangerous areas.

After developing the proof-of-concept, Drone Glove, we moved on to other use cases. We began by creating a simple 3D visualization of the hand movements through a 3D model of a hand that moves corresponding to the user’s hand. Ntention continued development by creating a small portfolio of “proof-of-concept” projects. With the help and expertise of BLJ Engineering, we built a 7-joint robot arm, and we developed a way to steer the robot arm and perform simple tasks with the Ntention Smart Glove.


Parallelly, we developed our app for the Epson Moverio AR-glasses, enabling users to control drones with the glove while using the AR-glasses. This allows users to receive the video feed from the drone directly into the AR-glasses while controlling the drone with the Ntention Smart Glove. Going forward, we aim to develop pilot projects for industry use cases and integrate the Ntention Smart Glove into additional AR/VR systems, with a focus on creating the most intuitive interaction systems possible.

Do you have any potential projects or visions similar to ours? Don't hesitate to get in touch!