Use natural controls in Virtual reality

Control objects and scenes in Virtual Reality (VR) with natural and intuitive hand gestures.

Our three summer internships at Norconsult this summer saw us delving into Virtual Reality to create an innovative way of interacting with a virtual world. The initial goal was to implement our glove technology into a 3D engine, and then deliver a technical demo at the end of summer. Our plan was to track hand position and finger poses with our sensor gloves, which would be sent to a 3D mesh of a hand.

We worked extremely hard to get input data to the game engine, create algorithms for accurate animation of finger movement, and to implement positional tracking for the hands. The result was an accurate render of a hand in VR! We had completed our initial goal early, which enabled us to develop a cutting-edge, gesture-based interaction system. We implemented grip- and teleport functionality, and developed ways to use the VR system on large 3D BIM models. We worked close with Norconsult to tailor an interaction system to their needs, both for architects, engineers, and training purposes.

During our summer internship, a Dutch company called Manus-VR launched their VR gloves, a product nearly identical to our technical solution. Therefore, we went on a trip to Netherlands to visit Manus-VR and were able to get our hands on a set of gloves. While we used our own gloves for this summer project, we are eager to develop our interaction system further for other gloves, like the Manus-VR gloves. This way, we can focus purely on software development rather than hardware!

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