Immersive Real Estate

Interact with your next home by exploring a virtual mirror of your dream house just like you'd in the real world.

Natural Virtual Reality

Sense of ownership

By being able to move furniture and "design their own dream property", the end user will by emotionally invested in the property itself, increasing their interest and increasing the chance of real estate sales.

Haptic Gloves for Virtual Reality
Natural interaction

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Virtual property viewings

Interact with your next home

Ntention provides both the sensor gloves and necessary software to run virtual property viewings. Let your customer jump right into virtual property viewings with a simple button press. The user will be able to put on the sensor gloves and explore properties from different locations on the same office.

The ability to create intuitive hand interfaces and gesture-based interaction in the virtual world opens the possibilities for visualization, 3D modelling, navigation, manipulation and intuitive cooperation. Our tailored interaction systems let the user explore without any extra setup or training.

Virtual property viewings

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