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1 Million NOK for Research

Every year, the Research Council of Norway support promising student-driven business ideas with research funds. The funding scheme aims to help to increase entrepreneurship among students by promoting business ideas that have a close link to promising research results.

Funds for research and development

On April 22, Ntention received funds from the Norwegian Research Council’s funding scheme STUD-ENT, which supports students who may seek financial support to promising business ideas. Ntention was given 1 million NOK ($ 94 000) for research on a modular gesture recognition system for customizable Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) in AR/VR applications. Together with Ntention, in total 20 Norwegian startups were given funds from the Research Council.

Details about the Research Council’s funding scheme

The STUD-ENT scheme encourages entrepreneurship among students and helps to promote a stronger entrepreneurship culture in the university and university college sector. The project relevant for the funds must be based on business ideas that have emerged from promising research results or are related to the knowledge that the students have obtained through their studies. The funding provided is to be used to reduce technology- or concept-related risk to clarify any uncertainties that may prevent the project from moving forward in the commercialization process. The STUD-ENT scheme is part of the Research Council’s program Commercialising R&D Results (FORNY2020), a funding instrument designed to strengthen and create new knowledge- and research-based business activities in Norway.

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