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About Ntention

In order to let anyone control any machine we need to make the interaction easy and intuitive.

Interaction with machines is constantly changing. Automation is increasing, but the number of machines we interact with is also increasing. These conditions require new and easier ways of interacting with machines to allow more people to control a greater number of machines with less effort and training. That’s why we are ushering in a new paradigm of control systems.

Ntention are building a system of interaction between the people and the machines that is user centered – not machine centered. The machine will understand the user – not the other way around. Our goal is to understand the intent of the user and translate it to machines. This is how we are moving beyond motion capture and into the world of intention capture.

Astronaut Smart Glove

A glove to explore the Moon, Mars and beyond

Virtual Environment

Use natural controls in Virtual Reality

Explore the future of interaction


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Get your hands on a glove

Drone Glove

The Drone Glove is a sensor-based glove that enables the user to interact with software and machines through intuitive motions. The glove features a set of sensors that captures the movements of the hand, and it has a custom designed microchip. The movements of the hand are then translated to the corresponding control commands.

To use the Drone Glove with a drone, the user would need to; put on the glove, pair the glove with the application, calibrate the glove in-app to make sure the sensors are fitted to the hand size, and connect the app to the drone. Then, the user can lift off and control the drone in the air.