Newsletter - End of Summer 2019

We hope you’ve been enjoying the summer! We would like to update you about our progress and activity the latest couple of months. Therefore we’ll take you through it in a short (~3 min read, bullet points) and a long (~10min read) version.

Main Story

The last couple of months have involved the completion of our summer projects. Our 3 summer internships at Norconsult this summer saw us delving into Virtual Reality to create an innovative way of interacting with a virtual world. The initial goal was to implement our glove technology into a 3D engine, and then deliver a technical demo at the end of summer.

In addition to working on the implementation of our technology into the VR environment, we have met the CEO of Manus VR and got a great insight into the VR industry. In late of August we hosted a pitching conference at DIGS; China Entry Challenge 2019. We gathered investors, startups, entrepreneurs and students for an exciting evening with competitions and speakers.

3 highlights of the last couple of months

  • Implemented glove technology and gesture-based interaction system into VR
  • Meeting the CEO of Manus VR
  • China Entry Challenge 2019

Progress of our last months' priority goals

  • Implement our technology into a VR environment [COMPLETED]
  • Name change and rebranding of company identity [COMPLETED]
  • Super cool space stuff [JUST AROUND THE CORNER]

3 priority goals for the next couple of months

  • Deliver working demo to first customer (Norconsult) – delivery mid October
  • Get more prospects, create and list the next 10 customers
  • Clean up the stock book + Brønnøysundsregister, and make us investment ready

Long list of content

  • Implemented glove technology and gesture-based interaction system into VR
  • Implemented VR interaction system for BIM-software 3D models, like Autodesk Revit
  • Meeting with the CEO of Manus VR
  • China Entry Challenge 2019
  • Summer internships at Norconsult and Nordic Semiconductor
  • Oslo Innovation Week

Implemented glove technology into VR

Our three summer internships at Norconsult this summer saw us delving into Virtual Reality to create an innovative way of interacting with a virtual world. Our plan was to track hand position and finger poses with our sensor gloves, which would be sent to a 3D mesh of a hand.

We worked extremely hard to get input data to the game engine, create algorithms for accurate animation of finger movement, and to implement positional tracking for the hands. The result was an accurate render of a hand in VR! We had completed our initial goal early, which enabled us to develop a cutting-edge, gesture-based interaction system. We implemented grip- and teleport functionality, and developed ways to use the VR system on large 3D BIM models. We worked closely with Norconsult to tailor an interaction system to their needs, both for architects, engineers, and training purposes.

Norconsult Presentation

Completion of our summer project at Norconsult

The 23rd of August 2019, we concluded our 3 summer internships at Norconsult with a presentation and technical demo! It was an amazing experience working close with Norconsult, and we have gotten invaluable insight into the construction industry, technology implementation, and collaboration. We will continue to develop our VR interaction system, and we have discovered many potential use cases, both for visualization, rapid prototyping, digital twins and collaboration.

Connection with Manus VR

During our summer internship, a Dutch company called Manus VR launched their VR gloves, a product nearly identical to our technical solution. Therefore, we went on a trip to the Netherlands to visit Manus VR and were able to get our hands on a set of gloves. While we used our own gloves for this summer project, we are eager to develop our interaction system further for other gloves, like the Manus VR gloves. This way, we can focus purely on software development rather than hardware!

China Entry Challenge

China Entry Challenge 2019

Since we began the planning of a completely new event in May this year, we finally managed to gather investors, startups, entrepreneurs, and students on August 29. China Entry Challenge included great pitches, interesting speakers and a great insight into the innovative community in Trondheim. After an exciting pitching competition at China Entry Challenge, our Panel of Judges selected a well-deserved winner. The winner of the competition was Capeesh!

A huge thanks to Nordic Semiconductor and Norconsult

We would like to give a huge thanks to Nordic Semiconductor and Norconsult for the trust in our team and our competency. The summer internships at Nordic Semiconductor and Norconsult have been critical for our progress and helped us greatly on our journey. Thank you for trusting energetic and assertive students!

Oslo Innovation Week

This upcoming week we will attend the Oslo Innovation Week. We were luckily invited to showcase our company at the Startup Village at Oslo Business Forum, and we will participate at DNB NXT’s 100 Pitches competition. If you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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