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Ntention delivers high-quality hardware equipment from one of the global leaders within wearable sensor technology.

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Virtual reality gloves

Industry leader in data gloves

The Manus Prime Series is the result of extensive and intensive research in sensor technology. Manus has been a pioneer in the VR-scene since 2014. With the development of the Manus Gloves, the company made name for itself internationally by setting the standard for hand- and finger tracking.

Manus Prime II

Prime II Haptic

The Haptic Prime is a Prime One with linear resonant actuators. It provides unique haptic signals depending on the type of material and how much virtual force is applied. Haptic feedback is fully customizable in the user interface, with an integrated material editor and adjustable signal strength, frequency and resonance.

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Manus Prime II Haptic

Prime II Xsens

The Xsens Prime is a glove designed for integration into a Xsens motion capture suit, to complete the hand with finger data on their IMU suits.

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Manus Prime II XSens

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interaction system

Gesture-based interaction

We combine interaction systems and tailored functionality with AI, Machine Learning & Big Data Analysis using our algorithms to understand the intent of the user, to create robust and intuitive systems. The way we approach interaction systems and gesture-based control and interfacing with machines opens opportunities for usage in a wide array of applications.

The ability to create intuitive hand interfaces and gesture-based interaction in the virtual world opens the possibilities for visualization, 3D modelling, navigation, manipulation and intuitive cooperation. Our tailored interaction systems in VR are ideal for training of operators, modelling and cooperation.

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