The Astronaut Smart Glove and our software solution is a prototype of a product that is intended to be used by astronauts during space missions.
Astronaut Smart Glove

Interaction in spacesuits

Ntention has a goal to participate in the development of the next generation of spacesuits, where fully integrated AR systems and electronics are in focus.
Haughton-Mars Project
Precise sensor technology

Situational awareness

Our technology currently consists of advanced and precise sensor technology integrated into our Smart Gloves. Combined with our intelligent software this allows operators to easily and comfortably control UAVs, industrial machines and interact in digital environments such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

UAVs can be operated efficiently with gestures combined with a real-time AR video feed, affording superior control and situational awareness for the operator.
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Advanced interface

Extra-vehicular activity

This concept consists of a “sensor glove” combined with Augmented Reality (AR) Glasses. The concept has been field-tested as a Human-Machine Interface (HuMI) Spacesuit Glove and Augmented Reality Display for Extra-Vehicular Activity, in collaboration with the NASA Haughton Mars Project.

The most important part is the interaction system allowing the astronaut in a pressurized EVA suit to interact with several different systems through hand gestures combined with a video feed in the helmet.

Haughton-Mars Project

We have an ongoing research collaboration with NASA Haughton-Mars Project, SETI Institute, Mars Institute, NASA Ames Research Center and Collins Aerospace.
Haughton-Mars Project
The Haughton-Mars Project is an international multidisciplinary field research project dedicated to advancing planetary science and exploration. The HMP is centered on the scientific study of the Haughton meteorite impact crater and surrounding terrain on Devon Island, High Arctic, viewed as a planetary analog, in particular for the Moon and Mars.

The HMP Exploration program seeks to use the site to develop, test, and validate new exploration technologies and strategies for planning the future human and robotic exploration of the Moon and Mars.

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