Co-founder & Co-CEO

Moina Tamuly

Together with Magnus in 2016, founded Moina the company which later became Ntention. Moina is visionary and enlightened. With a creative way of working and living, Moina’s progressive field of vision is essential to bring Ntention to a state-of-the-art company. Give him 10 minutes to talk about his visions of the future and you’re either terrified or enthusiastic, either way you are persuaded.

Moina is a designer soul and loves new and radical trends. He has collaborated with some of the greatest artist in the leading cultural designer community in Norway.

Formal expertise


M.Sc. Industrial Design Engineering (NTNU)

Home Guard Officer Candidate School

Officer Candidate School in the Norwegian Army. Enables the student to conceal the role of soldier, instructor and leader through a combination of theory and practice.

Field of Expertise

Technologies / Skills

Networking and Relations

Always staying on the lookout for new and exciting possibilities